Traveling Fellowship Application Instructions for August 2019

The mission of the LLRS Traveling Fellowship is to provide leading education in limb lengthening and reconstruction, train future leaders of LLRS, and establish mentor relationships among LLRS members and new surgeons.

Applicant must be a senior orthopedic resident (PGY4 or PGY5), fellow, or orthopedic surgeon who has graduated residency or fellowship within the last 15 years. The selected Traveling Fellows will be required to attend the LLRS Annual Meeting the following year to present a summary of their experiences. The Annual Meeting is currently held in July of each year.

1. All application forms and letters of recommendation must be completed and received by November 15, 2018. Incomplete applications, or those received after this date, will not be considered.

2. Request two sponsors to each submit one letter of recommendation to by November 15, 2018. The LLRS will notify you when a letter is received. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure sponsors submit a letter by the deadline.

  • One letter should be from the orthopedic surgeon on whose service you’ve had the majority of your residency
  • One letter should be from an orthopedic surgeon who is familiar with your work
  • If you participated in a post-residency fellowship, a letter from the program director is recommended

3. Write a personal statement, not more than 500 words, detailing why you want to be a Traveling Fellow, what you can offer the Traveling Fellow Program, and what you expect to gain from the Traveling Fellow experience.

4. A link to the online application is below. Be sure to fill it completely before submitting.

Traveling Fellowship Application

5. Attach a recent photograph, the personal statement, and your complete CV to the application.

Traveling Fellowship 2018

Hear from two fellows about their experience with LLRS Traveling Fellowship.

Traveling Fellowship 2017

Emeka Izuagba, MD shares his story about the mentorship he received by being a traveling fellow in 2017.