Membership Information

Our Mission Statement:

The Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society – ASAMI NA is devoted to the continuum, study and evolution of knowledge based on the understanding of bone biology, osteogenesis, regeneration and musculoskeletal applications.

Our purpose is to resolve acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems of pediatric and adult patients.

We strive to maintain the highest competency in the field of musculoskeletal deficiencies and reconstruction: limb length and extremity defects, long bone and going deformity, limb salvage, trauma and complex limb reconstruction.

An AAOS subspecialty society; we are committed to provide educational resources, research, clinical excellence and collegial cooperation.


2020 Board Members:

Austin T. Fragomen, MD, President

Raymond Liu, MD, First Vice President & Program Chair

L. Reid Nichols, MD, Second Vice President

Mitchell Bernstein, MD, Secretary

Stephen Quinnan, MD, Treasurer

Harold van Bosse, MD, Member at Large

Douglas N. Beaman, MD, Member at Large

Jill C. Flanagan, MD, BOS Representative/Member at Large

S. Robert Rozbruch, MD, Chair, Membership Committee

Kevin W. Louie, MD, Chair, Nominating Committee

Jessica C. Rivera, MD, Chair, Research Committee

David Podeszwa, MD, Chair, Education Committee

J. Spence Reid, MD, Immediate Past President


Who Should Apply for Membership?

Those who are interested to furnish leadership, foster advances, and enhance the study of distraction histogenesis and limb reconstruction as applied to diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

The Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society strives to function as an educational body responsible for the development of scientific programs, for the organization of current knowledge, for the standardization of nomenclature, and for the publication of scientific materials.


There are 5 classes of Membership: Active, Associate, Senior, Corresponding, and Honorary.

An active member is an orthopedic surgeon (MD or DO) who demonstrates a proven interest in distraction histogenesis and limb reconstruction by either documenting surgical cases involving bone regeneration by distraction, or show evidence of active ongoing research in the field of mechanically induced osteogenesis and limb reconstruction.

An associate member is an orthopedic surgeon, physician, podiatrist, oral surgeon, veterinarian or research scientist with a doctoral degree (MD, DO, DPM, DDS, DVM or PhD) with a proven interest in distraction histogenesis and limb reconstruction.

Active or associate members may, upon reaching the age of 65 or upon retirement from active medical or other scientific practice, apply to the Secretary for transfer to senior membership. This application must be approved by a majority of the Executive Committee.

Corresponding members are individuals who would be considered for active or associate membership but who reside and practice outside the United States or Canada. If applicable, a corresponding member shall be a member of a major specialty Society of the member’s country.

Honorary members shall be people who the Executive Committee feels are worthy of special honor because of notable contributions to the field of distraction histogenesis and limb reconstruction or because of long–term activity in the interests of the Society.

To become a member, fill out the Membership Application form.

Pay Dues

Active Membership – $400.00

Associate Membership – $300.00

Corresponding Membership – $50.00