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Founded in 1989 as ASAMI—North America (The Association for the Study and Application of Methods of Ilizarov), the Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society is an organization devoted to stimulating scientific exchange and fostering research and clinical excellence in limb lengthening, limb reconstruction, extremity deformity correction, and complex fracture treatment.

The members of LLRS share an interest in the generation of bone and soft tissue by distraction, but do not limit their practices to the Ilizarov external fixation system. Members’ interests include external fixation of fractures, correction of limb deformities, lengthening of extremities, and treatment of chronic infections, nonunions and tumors.

LLRS activities include an annual scientific meeting, a Specialty Day program at AAOS’ annual meeting, an introduction to limb lengthening and reconstruction, and external fixation course, and research grants.

LLRS 2020 Virtual Meeting

LIVE Thursday, July 30, 2020
8:00 to 10:00 p.m. EDT
All content available through January 29, 2021
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29th Annual Scientific Meeting of LLRS – Change in Format Announcement, April 24, 2020

COVID-19 has knocked our world off of its axis, closing elective medicine, conscripting healthcare workers into battle, and confining our patients and families to shelter at home. In response to this siege and a governmental ban on convening, the LLRS: ASAMI-North America Executive Board has decided to change the LLRS 2020 annual meeting from a corporeal to a virtual format. In short, there will be no physical meeting, but instead, the meeting will take place over the internet in many forms. While COVID-19 is to blame, there are several specific factors that drove us to this decision including a responsibility to ensure the safety of our members and industry friends, the precedent of all medical meetings being cancelled at this time, and the impact of a financial blow to the society. Over the past four years, the LLRS has received 54 abstract submissions on average, yet for 2020, we have received 70 scientific abstracts for evaluation to be presented at this year’s event.
This collection represents an exceptional number of papers and embodies our membership’s dedication to the society and to solving Limb Deformity problems. The details of how we will run this meeting virtually will be forthcoming, but know that we will benefit from the experience of POSNA who will be going through a similar transition soon.

The inability to hold a corporeal meeting due to a force majeure is unprecedented for the LLRS (and for the AAOS, POSNA, NOLC, etc.) and calls for unconventional tactics. We are a small but mighty society, and a disproportionate amount of what we are able to achieve depends on personal relationships. These interactions at LLRS, AAOS, BOS functions, POSNA, OTA, AOFAS will be limited with multiple meetings not taking place. This limits what we are able to achieve since visibility is one of our primary objectives. The current board has achieved a tremendous amount in terms of pushing us ahead with the two limb deformity journals, organizing courses including collaboration with the Baltimore Course, partnering with other societies, recruiting new members, elevating our profile within AAOS, creating new board positions, and amending the bylaws. We have resolved to place a freeze on the current administration including all Executive Board positions until July 2021. We feel it would be discouraging if we transitioned unceremoniously to a new presidential line without enjoying the fantastic meeting that was planned in New York City. The LLRS will postpone the physical meeting until July of 2021 where it will be held as previously laid out in lower Manhattan with all of the social events and excitement we planned for this year, 2020. This freeze also will help the society financially since the considerable monies deposited for the current venues will be forwarded without penalty. We, the Executive Board, realize that this judgement is extraordinary but unanimously believe it is to the benefit of our membership and the society. A nimble society, LLRS has developed outstanding communication pathways and the flexibility to make rapid decisions which makes us different from larger organizations like POSNA and AAOS. With a society of under 200 members, and with both recent and future expansion of board size, there will be plenty of opportunity for our young enthusiastic members to be involved in the near future. As a further point of interest, the current presidential line was advanced a year in 2018 due to unexpected circumstances. A one year pause will restore the original term for the line members and allow each member to serve the full 5-year presidential line term.

You will receive more information about the format of the virtual LLRS 2020 soon. This is an exciting opportunity for us to explore new ways to disseminate Limb Deformity awareness to our colleagues and prospective patients. The Executive Board will continue to work hard to help the LLRS fulfill its potential and garner the appreciation we all deserve for the heroic and sophisticated work we do every day.

With warmest regards and deepest wishes for the safety and health of you and your families,
LLRS: ASAMI-North America Executive Board

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