Abstract Application for 27th Annual Scientific Meeting

1. Abstracts will only be accepted online. Abstracts must be received by March 30, 2018.
2. A complete mailing address and e–mail address is required for EACH author. All co–authors must agree with the material being submitted.
3. The individual listed as Presenting Author will receive all correspondence.
4. ALL authors must complete an AAOS disclosure by March 30, 2018. Go to http://www7.aaos.org/Education/disclosure/verifyuser.aspx. If an author is not an AAOS Member, he/she should select "Not Sure?" and follow the instructions.
5. The abstracts will be reviewed in “blind” fashion. The abstract text must not reveal the authors’ institution of origin.
6. If the paper is published before presentation, it cannot be accepted.
7. The abstract is to be typed in the space provided in the online form.
8. The abstract is to be written in English. Complete sentences, correct spelling, and proper capitalization and grammar should be used.
9. No photographs will be accepted.
10. LLRS reserves the right to withdraw a paper at any time.
11. Line drawing and figures may be submitted separately via email as a PDF attachment (.jpg and jpeg files are not accepted) to Karen Syzdek. Do not include these in the text.

Completed electronic disclosure by EACH author must be submitted between January 15 and June 1, 2018. Abstracts will not be considered unless all disclosures are completed.