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Scientific Meeting Presentations

Presentations listed in the order in which they were given.

Friday July 19, 2013 Presentations

1. Long term effects of distal tibia deformity correction with supramalleolar osteotomy on subtalar joint, by Dikmen Goksel, MD

2. Internal Limb Lengthening in Congenital Shortening,by Shawn Standard, MD

3. Satisfaction of patients who have undergone lengthening with both internal and external fixation: a comparison study, by John Herzenberg, MD

4. Femoral lengthening with a motorized intramedullary nail – a matched-pair comparison with Ilizarov external lengthening, by Joachim Horn, MD, PhD

5. Precision of the Precice® Internal Lengthening Nails, by Yatin Kirane, MBBS, D.Ortho, MS, PhD

6. Complications of ISKD (Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor) in Distraction Osteogenesis, by Dong Hoon Lee, MD, PhD

7. Presentation not available

8. Motorized Intramedullary Lengthenings 2006-2013 Using Baumgart’s Technique, by Mark Dahl, MD

9. New Implantable Lengthening Nail: Preliminary Results, by Matthew Harris, MD, MBA

10. Utilization of medial fibular struts following femoral lengthening through a proximal osteotomy, by Balci Halil, MD

11. QUADRICEPSPLASTY for Extension Contracture of The Knee after Femoral Lengthening, by John Birch, MD, FRCS(C)

12. Staged Double-Level Lengthening, Correction of Leg Length Discrepancies, by Alexander Cherkashin, MD

13. Lengthening and Then Nailing (LATN) with Conventional Intramedullary Nail in Limb Lengthening, by Dong Hoon Lee, MD, PhD 

14. Role and Outcome of Gastrocnemius Recession in Tibial Lengthening, by Savanaranaraja Muthusamy, MBBS, MS

15. The Function Effect of Botulimun Toxin A (BtX-A) at the Calf Muscle in Lower Limb Lengthening, by Keun Jung Ryu, MD

16. Presentation not available

17. Presentation not available

18. Safe Zone for Superolateral Entry Pin into the Distal Humerus in Children: A MRI Analysis, by Tamir Bloom, MD

19. Clinical Results of Reconstructive Surgery for Tibial Hemimelia, by Mehmet Çakmak

20. Correction of Coronal Plane Deformity Through Guided Growth, by Mark T. Dahl, MD

21. Ilizarov external fixation – A novel method for treatment of T- condylar elbow fractures in children and adolescents, by Joseph J. Gugenheim, M.D.

22. Can BMP2 Combined with the SUPERhip Procedure Lead to Ossification of the Unossified Femoral Neck & Lower Recurrence of Coxa Vara in Severe Congenital Femoral Deficiency?, by Dror Paley, MD, FRCS(C)

23. LLD in Patients with Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis, by Sanjeev Sabharwal, MD, MPH

24. External Fixation for Closed Pediatric Femoral Shaft Fractures: Where Are We Now?, by Sanjeev Sabharwal, MD, MPH

25. Venous Thromboembolism in Children, by Sanjeev Sabharwal, MD, MPH

26. Clinical Results and Treatment Strategies for Fibular Hemimelia, by Cengiz Sen, MD

27. Top 5 Advances in Limb Reconstruction over the Last 20 Years, by Mehmet Kocaoglu, MD

28. Comparison of two defect reconstruction techniques following osteomyelitic bone segment debridement of the femur, by Baci Halil, MD

29. Comparison of acute compression distraction and segmental bone transport techniques in the treatment of tibia osteomyelitis, by Eralp Levent, MD

30. Is Distraction Histiogenesis a Reliable Method to Reconstruct Segmental Bone and Acquired Leg Length Discrepancy in Tibia Fractures and Non Unions?, by James J Hutson Jr., MD

31. Treatment with Circular External Fixation of Femoral Bone Loss in Acute Fractures and Nonunions, by G. Lovisetti, MD

32. Clinical Outcomes of Conversion from External Fixator to Iodine-Supported Titanium Alloy Plate, by Hidenori Matsubara

33. Use of Integra and Split Thickness Skin Graft for Coverage of Complex Orthopedic Wounds, by Daniel Schlatterer, DO

34. A Clinical Trial of Antibacterial Iodine-Supported Tumor Prostheses, by H. Tsuchiya, MD

35.Treatment of noninfected nonunions by parafocal osteotomy according to Paltrinieri, by R. Mora, MD

36. Agressive Infections in Patients Treated with External Fixators, by Scott J. Schoenleber, MD

Saturday July 20, 2013 Presentations

1. An Anatomic Study on the Validity of Using Patellar Centering to Represent a Perfect AP Radiograph of the Knee, by Ademola A. Ajuwon, B.S.

2. Reverse Planning Method (RPM) for Lengthening Using Intramedullary Lengthening Devices, by John Birch, MD, FRCS(C)

3. Internal lengthening nails: Does lengthening with acute correction negatively affect bone healing during distraction osteogenesis?, by Metin Kucukkaya, MD

4. Osteotomy for Correction of Genu Valgum After TKR, by Yatin Kirane, MBBS, D.Ortho, MS, PhD

5. Sagittal Alignment of Proxital Tibia in Blount Disease: Radiographic vs Clinical Evaluation, by Sanjeev Sabharwal, MD, MPH

6. Treatment of Severely Comminuted Tibial Pilon Fractures with Primary Ankle Arthrodesis, by Doug Beaman, MD

7. Metatarsal Bone Lengthening with Laki Mini External Fixator, by Alexander Kirienko, MD

8. Limb Salvage in Diabetic Patients with Charcot Foot Using External Fixation, by Alexander Kirienko, MD

9. Closed technique of ankle fusion using circular external fixation, by R. Mora, MD

10. Return to Duty and Disability after Combat Related Hind Foot Injury, by Joseph R. Hsu, MD

11. Forces and Strain in Arthrodiatasis: Reduced Intra-Articular Load by Joint Distraction; Force and Load-Share Measurements and Radiostereometric Analysis (RSA) in Patients with Talocrural Arthrosis, by Harald Steen, MD

12. Distal Tibia and Ankle Reconstruction Using Ilizarov Method and LCP Plates, by León Gonzalo Mora, MD

13. Biomechanical Comparison Of Spatial Frames With Different Strut Models And Ilizarov Type External Fixators, by Bas, A. MD

14. The Relationship between Angular Knee Deformity and Degenerative Disease of the Hip and Knee, by Raymond W. Liu, M.D.

15. Uncultured autogenous adipose-derived regenerative cells accelerate bone formation on distraction osteogenesis in rats, by Issei Nomura, MD

16. Virtual Stress Testing of Regenerating Bone in Tibia Fractures, byJoseph L. Petfield, MD

17. Post-Operative CT Measurements Accurately Predict the Need for Clinical Intervention – Retrospective Findings to Support Prospective Clinical Trial Protocol, by Mitchell S. Fourman, M.Phil

18. The Effect of Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) during Distraction Osteogenesis of the Tibia, by Dong Hoon Lee, MD, Ph.D

19. Return To Duty After Integrated Orthotic And Rehabilitation Initiative, by Joseph R. Hsu, MD

20. The Efficacy of Electronic Communication Between Healthcare Providers and Patients, by Eugene W. Borst, BA

21. Opportunities and Barriers for an International Elective During Orthopaedic Residency, by Bensen Fan, MD

22. Fusion of a new Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstructions Service to an existing orthopedic department: "Our complications referral service," by Vladimir Goldman, MD

23. Ilizarov Comes to the USA, by Vladimir Golyakhovsky, MD, PhD

24. Presidential Roundtable: Past President's Symposium, LLRS Annual Meeting, by S. Robert Rozbruch, MD


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