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2014 Scientific Meeting:
Saturday's Presentations

Presentations listed in the order in which they were given.

July 26, 2014

1. Khan Academy, Montreal

2. Ipsilateral Healthy Leg Segment Response to Physeal Trauma Causing Leg Length Discrepancy

3. Correction of Developmental Deformities in Lower Extremities after Epiphyseal Plate Injuries using External Fixators

5. Complications Associated with Epiphysiodesis for Management of Leg Length Inequality

6. Epiphyseal Preservation and Biological Reconstruction for Metaphyseal Osteosarcoma

7. Quality and Value in Orthopedics: 2014 Update for the Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society

8. Congenital Tibial Deficiency: The TSRH Experience

9. The Nature of Foot Ray Deficiency in Congenital Fibular Deficiency

10. Pediatric Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction: Risk Factors Impacting Surgical Outcomes

11. Adolescent's Tibia Vara Initial Deformity Correlates with the Amount of Pressure on the Tibial Physis (P.T.P)

12. Percutaneous Subtrochanteric Valgus Osteotomy for Painful Dislocated Hips in Patients with Cerebral Palsy

13. Validity and Deformity Consequences of a Rotational Mechanism for Stable Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

14. Bilateral Pubic Rami Lengthening for Pelvic Reconstruction in Bladder Exstrophy

15. AAOS-­‐‑ Clinician Scholar (Scientist) Career Development Program

16. Classification of Distal Tibia and Fibula Deformity

17. Secondary Hindfoot Nailing after Circular Fixation Limb Salvage

18. Internal Fixation Following Thin-Wire External Fixation Removal or Modification for Foot and Ankle Pathology

19. Characterization of Subtalar Joint Motion with Spatial Frame-­Based Deformity Correction

20. Short Term Results of Magnetic Resonance Imaging after Ankle Distraction Arthroplasty

21. Distraction Osteogenesis for Brachymetatarsia; Clinical Results and Implications on the Metatarsophalangeal Joint


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